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Simple to Use Routing Software

Simple to use

Simple to Use - Half of all school districts don't use routing software because it's too cumbersome and complicated to master. Because of this, we made our system user-friendly, so anyone can learn it quickly and easily.

Fully Featured Routing Software

Fully Featured

Now more than ever, school districts need to prepare for low-capacity routes and multiple possible scenarios like partial week operations. Our software allows you to easily manage quickly changing situations using robust modeling features with seamless switching between planned and active routes.

Competitively Priced Routing Software

Competitively Priced

Our company believes that every institution should have access to the best technology to serve their students’ transportation needs. That’s why we provide our product at a price point you can afford.

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Our Software is the ideal partner for creating a bus route that is safe from the first stop to the last. We've made it easier for the following to address their transportation concerns:

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