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Your one-stop solution for school transportation.

Are you looking for an efficient way to manage your district's operations?

EZTransportation, previously EZDistrict, is a revolutionary software designed to make the lives of school administrators easier. EZTransportation offers a wide range of individualized features that makes this platform ideal for any type of district. From data visualization capabilities to intuitive user interfaces, EZTransportation provides an efficient mean of managing all aspects of a school district's operations.


The Dashboard

The Dashboard is fully customizable, making it easy to manage and view all your students, drivers, and routes.

Automated Dispatch: Trip Preparation

Synchronize bus and driver statuses, make last-minute trip modifications, break-up trips, and send real-time notifications.

Automated Dispatch: Trip Operation

Monitor live bus and student ridership, overlay planned vs. actual trips, estimate live bus delays, and send real-time notifications.

Driver Management

Manage work logs and leave requests, enforce clock rules and guarantees, collect signatures, track credentials, and generate reports.


EZTransportation modules provide the most efficient way to manage your district’s operations.

Student Safety

Enforce student walking restrictions, implement vehicle turn and highway restrictions, and identify hazard zones.

Vehicle Maintenance

Conduct inspections, monitor work orders, implement preventative maintenance, record fuel consumption, and manage parts.

Parts and Inventory Management

Efficient maintenance management with parts reservation and tracking, handling of purchase orders, and work order integration.

Eligibility: School Policy

Plan and analyze student transportation eligibility criteria, and configure sophisticated and intuitive rule settings.



Create smart, safe, and efficient bus routes. Our software makes it easier to ensure that students get to school safely.


Simplify your activity trip operations and effortlessly manage trip logistics with EZActivityTrips by TransACT, formerly TravelTracker-Trips.


A joint venture with TransACT leverages the substantial strengths of both our firms, benefiting school districts across the country.


Fully integrated with EZRouting, driver apps, dispatch, student information systems, and more.


EZTransportation’s various online tools provide an efficient way to manage any district's operations.


Parents can discover schools by their school boundaries using any address to make the best informed decision for their children.


Parent app to manage their students, view live bus tracking, and receive notifications.


Driver app on our tablets for drivers to manage their routes, and view, simulate, and run trips.


Driver app for clocking in and out, and managing work logs, leave requests, vehicle inspections, fuel logs, and work orders.