Helping Schools Create Smart, Safe, and Efficient Bus Routes

EZRouting has been providing institutions with a robust, cost-effective solution to their student transportation needs. Our software makes it easier for drivers, administrators, and parents to ensure that students get to school safely.


See for yourself why EZRouting is the most capable, most flexible, and most affordable routing and operations management software available.

Seeing is believing. In just over three minutes you can see how EZRouting is making the management of student transportation simpler, more flexible, and more connected to parents, schools, and employees. In short, we are making it easy. Find out how EZRouting can support your school transportation program whether you are a school district, school bus contractor, Head Start center, or private school.


The EZRouting Difference

We’ve developed our product to ensure that your school’s transportation operation is well equipped to handle any situation. Here’s why more than 100 school districts have chosen EZRouting as their bus routing software.


Easy to Use

Our software is designed so that people regardless of their skill level can learn how to use it in a day. The intuitive user interface makes it easy for drivers and school staff to find and operate features or get in touch with a support agent. 

We offer both a web-based routing app and a bus tablet app. The bus app tracks students when they get on and off the bus, provides navigation for drivers, and automatically adjusts routes based on the changes you enter.


Student-Centric Design

Accommodating a student’s unique situation is one of the primary goals of our system. That’s why we developed the industry’s first calendar-based routing algorithm. 

This makes it easier for the user to arrange the child’s bus schedule based on their situation.

Additionally, we have tools and recommendations that ensure students get picked up and dropped off at locations they can safely walk on.


Highly Adaptable

We give drivers and administrators the tools they need to adapt to a variety of scenarios from inclement weather to on-route incidents.

Our software will intelligently make adjustments to all bus routes in the system so you can make the real-time changes needed. You can also immediately inform parents and relevant staff about the circumstances.


Powerful Collaboration Tools

Getting students to school requires the efforts of both parents and your staff.

Our software has features that allow parents, drivers, and administrators to edit data and make suggestions related to their bus route. With these tools, you can create better routes that can result in reduced labor costs for your school.


Seamless Integration

EZRouting integrates with your school’s student management system using our specially designed mapping process. 

We use advanced tools that accommodate your system, resulting in up-to-date student rosters with little to no errors.


Developed With the Latest Technology

Our software is built using the cutting-edge in cloud-based technology, allowing for setup times that only take hours instead of weeks.

Our product boasts minimal downtime for updates and new user creation that's as easy as sharing a URL. Additionally, we take pride in our privacy protection features that keep student data well secured.


Transparent Pricing

We want our clients to get the most out of our software. That’s why we have made our licensing agreements simple and easy to understand with no hidden fees.

Once you purchase our product, you get unlimited access to all of its features.

And since it's based on the cloud, there's no need to set up a server or any third-party software. We can get your information into the system within a day or two of signing the contract.


Take Command of your System

Our unique Command Center offers the most powerful and simple to use dispatch tool in the industry.

Command Center lets you make daily changes to address driver callouts, students not riding, road construction, and all the other things that may disrupt your daily schedule. It logs and archives these changes for future review. You can even make the change permanent with one click. It is dispatching, simplified.

Find Out More About EZRouting

With our bus routing software, you can ensure the safety of your students’ commute and save money on your school’s transportation expenses. Contact us today for a demo of our product. We hope to work with you soon.