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You have a lot to do. EZRouting is designed to help you do it faster, simpler, and more effectively.

You can see we have dramatically reduced the complexity and increased the capability of the most important functions of the routing software

How It Works

Always available through your customer portal

Just like you, EZRouting is always available: Our web-native design ensures that your staff can access and use EZRouting from anywhere on any device. Your staff can manage routes from the office, from the bus yard, from the district office, or from home.

The Easiest to Learn and Master

Our system is the easiest to learn and master, without compromising functionality. We believe that anyone who knows how to shop on the Internet can be trained to effectively use EZRouting. This simplicity is why districts with too much to do and too little time to do it love EZRouting.

Student-centric design:

Data Access and Management EZRouting has been designed to put the information you need where you need it. All critical information is readily available without having to click through multiple modules.

Calendar-based EZRouting

Every child’s situation is unique, and we wanted our software to be adaptable to any schedule. Student bus schedules can be easily configured with day-of-week variation to accommodate situations like split custody and weekly daycare programs.

Intelligent Route Consolidation

When a route needs to be consolidated, our software will intelligently distribute its stops to other routes and calculate expected seating capacity and route times.

Create and Manage

Our unmatched technology allows users to create and manage multiple separate routing scenarios in the sandbox area.

New Ways of Routing

Our software accommodates the real-time changes operators need to make; it gives them the tools they need like auto-route generation using GPS data, and trying new ways of routing students in sandbox mode.

Need help?

Smart tutorials are embedded throughout the software, and live chat with support agents are just a click away!

Manage Student Travel

QR Codes help drivers and bus aides track students, as well as help parents and administrators manage student travel without needing to spending money on expensive systems! QR codes can be sent to parents and students digitally, as well as printed; all within your EZRouting portal!

Real-time Text or Email Notifications

You can always identify affected students and send real-time text or email notifications to their parents as well as drivers and administrators.

Reports Customized Your Way

Reports can be provided in any configuration that works for you. Often, districts print trips for drivers or student reports for attendance. The computer screen on shown here shows producing a student summary for selected students. The organization of these can always be customized!

Take Command of your System

Our unique Command Center offers the most powerful and simple to use dispatch tool in the industry.

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