All About EZDistrict Software

All About EZDistrict Software

Are you looking for an efficient way to manage your district's operations? EZDistrict is a revolutionary software designed to make the lives of school administrators easier. With EZDistrict, users can access various online tools such as vehicle maintenance tracking, student safety information management, driver management, trip preparation and management, and so much more. EZDistrict also offers a wide range of individualized features that makes this platform ideal for any type of district. From data visualization capabilities to intuitive user interfaces, EZDistrict provides an efficient means of managing all aspects of a school district's operations. Continue on to learn more about how this incredible software can help you to better manage your school district's transportation department as a whole.

Student Safety

Student safety should be at the forefront of any districts’ mind. It’s at the front of ours too. For that reason, we make managing student safety incredibly easy with EZDistrict. Take the first step and check a potential stop for safety before even creating it. We embed Google Street View into all of our maps so you can easily see if there are sidewalks, stop signs, blind spots, etc. We make it a breeze to manage your hazard zones, pedestrian walking restrictions, turn restrictions, and more. Don’t forget our comprehensive student tracking system so you can see which students are entering and exiting your buses, where, and at what time. Missed stops and unknown student whereabouts are a thing of the past.

Trip Preparation

Before hitting the road, be sure your vehicles are properly maintained with inspections. Our tablets integrate with EZDistrict so you can hold your drivers accountable for their own pre-trip and post-trip inspections. All your drivers need to do is point a tablet at a QR code on your bus and report the condition of that part. Then you can use those inspections to create and update work orders and keep track of parts inventory for total fleet maintenance. All of these features work seamlessly to prevent bus downtime and identify problems before they even happen.

Any inspections that did not pass will be grouped together, and work orders can be created in one click for these buses. We also have preventative maintenance to keep you on top of your bus maintenance jobs. Flexible work order systems can also keep a record for your part usage, job assignments, and labor costs, all organized in one convenient location. Vehicle maintenance is also linked to our parts management module, allowing customers to always have the correct inventory for parts on hand.

Trip Operation

If an unforeseeable breakdown or driver call-out occurs, EZDistrict allows for quick last-minute route modifications and notifying your parents in an instant. You can choose to send them real-time updates of bus ETAs, split your routes, assign a new driver, and more, all with just a few clicks. You’re able to make these changes and reach out to the parents before anyone even knows there’s a problem. You won’t believe how quiet the office will be without all those parents calling in! EZDistrict is truly an all-in-one dispatch tool for your team. 

Driver Management

After a long day of route management, you can even manage your driver’s timesheets and needs all in one platform. You can quickly check clock-ins and outs, time off requests, and more for your entire department. Clock rules can even be tailored to suit your payroll requirements, including daily guarantee, weekly guarantee, run-through time, and more.  We can also work with you on custom driver reports that you need to submit to your school or state. And you’ll never miss a lapsed drivers license or physical with our Driver Management feature.

With EZDistrict, users have easy access to powerful tools that enable them to effectively manage their district's vehicles, drivers, trips and student safety information. EZDistrict's intuitive platform allows administrators to have complete control over their district's transportation department, providing them with a comprehensive solution for managing all facets of a school district's transportation operations. This makes it the perfect tool for any school district looking to streamline their transportation operations and ensure a safe and efficient operation. Contact any member of our sales team to try EZDistrict today and experience the power of this revolutionary software!