All About EZRouting Software

All About EZRouting Software

EZRouting is an innovative software designed to make routing easier and more efficient for school districts. It offers a wide range of features that simplify the process of route optimization, making it faster and simpler to plan future routes and quickly adjust existing routes as needed throughout the school year. EZRouting is an ideal solution for districts looking to streamline their routing processes and save time, money, and resources. Continue reading to learn all about how EZRouting works, which key features save districts the most time and money, and how this software can help you and your district.

Easy to Learn

At a bird’s-eye view, EZRouting is an easy-to-learn routing software with a powerful engine. It’s perfect for districts of all sizes to manage your routes, or even create new ones. There are a plethora of tools at your disposal to evaluate current bus stops, add new ones, check for safety, and make any changes. From districts that have used every routing software on the market to ones that still route with pen and paper, we are the ultimate solution.

Simple and Student-Centric Interface

We wouldn’t call our product “EZ” if it weren’t easy to use and learn. We keep our student-centric interface clean and simple, but implement powerful top-of-the-line algorithms and technologies in the background of our calendar-based system. Let our system do the heavy lifting for you and your district with auto-generated routes, auto-assigned students, and even a magic wand tool! If you and your district have ever considered making major changes to routes or even building new ones all-together, then our sandboxes, which are safe testing environments, are the perfect tool in your belt. In addition, EZRouting software is entirely cloud-based, and it allows for unlimited users, meaning your entire transportation department csan access the software if need be.

Easy Route Maintenance

Not only is it possible to easily maintain your routes with EZRouting, but it’s also an all-in-one system for managing your drivers, vehicles, stops, etc. You’ll have a tab to separately maintain your students, schools, staff, vehicles, stops, and routes. We make it a breeze to make updates to your bell times, maintain driver physicals, and more. There’s no need to manually maintain your students because we integrate with any student information system (SIS) so you have all updates right at your fingertips. In addition, this software is calendar-based, and it is fairly simple to complete a rollover year-after-year, which involves moving students up one grade over the summer. Speaking of students, our EZRouting system includes a complimentary parent portal and parent app. Each district chooses which options to give parents within the portal, such as requesting transportation, updating addresses, etc. Districts can reach out to parents via email and/or text to provide transportation updates with real-time notifications as well!

Many Complementary Add-Ons

If you’re ready to take your transportation management to the future, then be sure to ask about our technology add-ons. We offer touchscreen tablets with GPS, student tracking, maintenance, and dispatch management through EZDistrict and an upcoming field trip module. Your sales contact and onboarding specialist will work closely with you and your team to see what products will be the perfect solutions for your district. 

Quick Onboarding and Implementation

If you’re thinking of taking the next step, it’s important to note that our onboarding and implementation phases are quick and painless for your district. We’ll obtain all of your data and import it into our system, seamlessly connect with your SIS, and ensure the utmost accuracy. You’ll receive personalized training from our experts and have access to all of our training materials. Post training, you’ll always have on-demand support with our live chat team that’s ready to instantly help.

EZRouting saves districts time, money and resources by streamlining routing processes. It allows for faster route optimization, which then reduces the cost of fuel and other related expenses. It also has a more student-centric solution, providing parents with easy access to bus information through their own app, allowing them to stay informed in their children's transportation. In conclusion, EZRouting is a powerful routing solution that simplifies the process of any planning associated with school bus routing. Reach out to any member of our sales team to learn more about how this software can fit into your district.