Cleaning Up Stops with Your EZRouting Software

Cleaning Up Stops with Your EZRouting Software

Organizing your stops into a more efficient, streamlined system can be complicated and time-consuming. But with the help of EZRouting software, you can quickly and easily clean up and reorganize your stops so that your buses run smoother than ever. With this article, we will outline how to merge duplicate stops, delete empty stops,  and reevaluate stops periodically for optimal efficiency using EZRouting software. By following these steps, you’ll be able to maximize the success of your school's routes and put yourself in a better position for a better overall transportation department. Let’s get started!

1. Merge duplicate stops.

Sometimes certain routes can end up having duplicate stops listed, making the routing sheets look messy and disorganized. With EZRouting software, it’s easy to merge duplicate stops. Just follow the steps below:

a) Select the merge option from the operations tab

b) Choose which stops need to be merged together by drawing a shape around them. Click to start, then double click to end after the shape has been drawn.

c) Select which stop you want to be the main stop and save.

2. Remove redundant or unnecessary stops.

Once duplicate stops have been merged, you can also reevaluate which stops are also redundant or unnecessary. For instance, some stops may be so close together that really only one if them is necessary. Before determining this, make sure that stops deemed redundant are actually that, as sometimes door-to-door pickup is necessary for both younger passengers or special needs passengers. Once you have determined which stops may be unnecessary, you can merge them with the preferred stops using the steps outlined above.

3. Delete empty stops.

Sometimes when routes haven’t been evaluated for awhile, there are stops with no riders. These empty stops can be deleted if they are not needed or used anymore. To delete a stop, simply select the delete option from the operations tab then click on the desired stop to delete.

4. Re-evaluate stops periodically.

It is important to re-evaluate stops as often as a few times per year or at the very least, every year or two. This is because new riders may join existing routes and others may drop off, shaking up the stops. This reevaluation process allows for newly enrolled students to be added to the system and make sure everyone gets picked up safely. Routers can also turn on street view to periodically check safety at specific stops and move them as needed if anything has changed. It also helps keep routes more efficient by removing unnecessary stops.

By reevaluating your stops and cleaning them up every once in awhile,  you can make sure that your school's routes are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. With the help of EZRouting software, this process can be done quickly and easily. So don’t hesitate to take the time to do an overhaul on your stops today! Your transportation department will thank you later. Contact any member of our sales team for help getting started with EZRouting.