EZRouting Parent App Basics

EZRouting Parent App Basics

The EZRouting parent app is revolutionizing the way parents stay connected to their children's transportation experience. With this innovative app, parents can now easily track their child’s bus route in real-time, receive notifications about delays and cancellations, update their addresses and contact information, and so much more. This cutting-edge technology not only simplifies the lives of busy parents but also benefits school districts, transportation departments, and students by providing an efficient method of communication between all parties involved. Continue further to learn all about the app, how it works, and how it benefits districts and parents alike.

How It Works

The parent app registration process is easy and straightforward. Here, parents simply sign up on the web browser or our parent app (BusQuest) for their own access to EZRouting, verifying that all information about their child matches the profile system in place. Once verified, parents are linked to their children and can begin using the BusQuest app, which is available in both the Google Play store for android users and the App Store for Apple phones. After downloading and logging into the BusQuest app, parents can access all of the features that EZRouting has to offer.

What You Can Do

Once logged into the app, parents can begin using all of the included features. This starts by allowing parents to view information on their child's current bus schedule, as well as the options to request new transportation and verify if they no longer need transportation, as well. In addition, parents can manage their home address and contact information, which also each play a big factor in transporting children to school. Certain districts can also allow parents to track both attendance and the bus itself with the app. This is permitted only for districts that use tablets to track attendance and for those who allow live bus tracking. Finally, the app allows parents to receive notifications about things pertaining to their child's transportation, such as if the bus is running late, if the route has been canceled, or if the bus is on its way. All of these features allow parents to stay in-the-know when it comes to their child's transportation in a convenient and easy-to-use app right on their phones.

Benefits for Districts and Parents

EZRouting parent app provides a much-needed solution that eases the burden of communication for both parents and districts. Indeed, the ability to track attendance, plus the added convenience of receiving notifications about delays or cancellations, simplifies the process of managing school transportation. In addition, having an accessible platform available where all information is updated in real-time allows parents to have greater transparency into the process of their child's transportation experience. This also eases the workload of transportation departments and districts, allowing them to focus on other important tasks at hand rather than managing communication between parents and themselves. The EZRouting parent app is clearly a win-win situation for everyone involved!

In conclusion, the EZRouting parent app is a powerful tool that allows parents to stay connected with their child's transportation planning. With its easy-to-use features and numerous benefits for both districts and parents alike, this innovative app provides an efficient method of communication between all parties involved in school transportation. Whether you’re a parent trying to manage your child’s schedule or a district looking for a better solution to transportation communication and updates, EZRouting is the way to go! Reach out to any of our sales team to allow your school district to get started with the EZRouting software.