Introducing Our New Client Conversation Hour with Rowlett Academy

Introducing Our New Client Conversation Hour with Rowlett Academy

As a fun new way to learn more about our clients and encourage more conversations about how EZRouting and EZDistrict have helped them, we have started to interview and feature clients who are enjoying the use of our software(s). Our first-ever feature is with Nilda Belardo of Rowlett Academy for Arts and Communication.

Nilda began using EZRouting software for her district of about 1,000 riders in July of 2022. Shortly thereafter, she implemented the use of EZDistrict as well, and she now uses both softwares in her routing department on a daily basis. Before using our software, Nilda had used other routing options before and even had experience building her own routes by hand during her days as a bus driver. All of this previous experience, as well as her own determination and gumption, allowed her to begin using EZRouting almost right away. According to Nilda, it’s as simple as entering your start and end times, as well as the stops in between, and then just letting the software do the work for you. 

When asked in what ways this software has helped her district, Nilda felt that the easy communication facilitated between drivers, students, and parents was one of the most helpful and beneficial features. In addition, her favorite EZROuting feature is the auto routing capabilities. After realizing her quick success with the software, Nilda even turned around and brought on a few neighboring school districts, introducing them to EZRouting and EZDistrict and allowing them to receive the full benefits of using this software, as well.

Although she utilized both EZRouting and EZDistrict software, Nilda’s favorite between the two is definitely EZDistrict. For her, EZDistrict is one of the most helpful and easily-personalizable softwares she has ever used.  She uses this software to keep an eye on so many details that often fall through the cracks with many districts, including which kids are on which bus and their ridership history, where her drivers are, scanning and reporting of both student and bus information, and a variety of driver-related information. This entails training certifications for CPR, first aid, and mental health, as well as their driver’s license and its expiration, their hire date, and so much more. She even uses the driver time feature, which allows drivers to punch in and out, to more easily run payroll and keep track of driver hours. 

Finally, when asked which features she is most excited about, Nilda replied that she is looking forward to being able to use the pre-trip and post-trip inspection features, as this would save her a lot of paperwork and hassle. Fortunately, those features will be available for use soon! In addition, Nilda is excited to begin using our field trip software sometime in the coming months.

We would like to personally thank Nilda for her continued use and enjoyment of our software and for her time in talking about it with us. We would love to hear how EZRouting and/or EZDistrict have helped your job and your district as well. If you are one of our clients and would like to be featured, contact Elliot to let us know, and we will set up a time to chat and discuss how the software has impacted your work and your routing!

Nilda (left) with Jason Wang, our founder and CEO, and Wanda (right), a former coworker of Nilda's